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I was asked to write a blog entry for the wiki hosting site that hosts  They are called Wiki and have thousands of wikis, but not so many that deal with big social issues like Homelessness.  Since I started the homeless wiki over 6 years ago, I've been trying to encourage more wiki sites dedicated to social causes.  I think there has been a steady increase in the number of wikis that do take those issues on, but there could and should be A LOT more.  Here's the link to the original blog, but I'm going to post it here too since my blog here could use some content.  As far as that goes, things have been very busy personally.  I hope to re-start Street Angels very soon, and when I do there's going to be more content for this blog.  So Guest Blogging is my thing at the moment!

Wikia is a great way for people to come together to share information on the things they love. And what do we love? Apparently video games,TV shows and cooking (and encyclopedias)! Who doesn’t?

My involvement in Wikia, though, came when I was struggling with a massive amount of San Francisco’s homeless resources, in printed form, and trying to digitize it into my vision for a new resource website. But my vision was stuck in the old school web and database formats that had been around for 10 years. I thought I needed thousands of dollars for fancy web design and log-in portals, not to mention money for future development and ongoing maintenance.

But then I heard how Wikia was a new way for constructing a web site. Wikia provided simple tools so “non-programmers” could edit and maintain the site, plus the community was encouraged to be involved with maintaining it. The hard part (it sounds easy now) was figuring how to link Wikia Categories with types of Homeless Services. But once that was solved, ( became one of the first, if not the first, non-profit civic resource wikis in the world!

So what other kind of non-profit or public sector could benefit? If you’re thinking of bringing Wikia order to web chaos, maybe your calling is in environmental issues, education, employment, criminal justice, civil liberties, or medical issues? Or maybe you spent a long time learning how to care for a sick person, and now you have a vision for a medical wiki that deals not just with disease, but also with insurance, hospitals, alternative care, support groups, etc., all linked together in one Wikia site?

Civic, non-profit and public sector wikis can be used to organize countless resources, replace traditional FAQs, reinvent training materials (SFHomeless has training video links to YouTube), network with other resource websites, link to communities and events, understand government or corporate chains of command and bureaucracy, offer neighborhood- or location-based services, and on and on. It goes beyond traditional, static websites, and creates a type of community that is growth oriented.

Every sector and special interest of society could use a community of wikians organizing what is really community-owned resource information. That’s what it comes down to: people with a special need and experience organizing their knowledge, and then coming up with the best way of sharing it and improving it with others. Wikia give users a chance to help the world in significant ways with the power of collective experience, limited only by the ability to envision where there’s a need to improve!

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Homeless Ministers

It's been exciting at our house for the past week!  We had a chance to host two awesome ladies who are missionaries from 5252 Ministries.  The lead missionary is Sammie from Houston who is formerly homeless, and began some very successful programs for the homeless in her community back home.  Then in 2012 she had a calling to travel the US and visit 52 cities and shelters in 52 weeks.  So on January 1, 2013, she began her Mission, with her friend and "armor bearer" Kathy joining her.  (See 1 Samuel 14 or thereabouts; Sammie would be Jonathan in that analogy.)

San Francisco stop number 14, and they reached out to us (and many others) a couple weeks ago, hoping to find someone to help them in the area.  Our family responded, and last Friday they arrived.  They just left this morning, so that was about 4 1/2 or 5 days they were with us.  It was wonderful and Spirit-filled.  We had many great moments, eating together, walking SF and talking to dozens of people, attending several events such as the Homeless Church's Palm Sunday service at Pier 32, and City Impact's sermon and breakfast for the homeless where 50 teenagers from the West coast were helping out.  We met up with a friend of theirs they met in L.A.'s Skid Row who happened to be in the SF area, and shared with him, and he's now helping me with one of my hard-to-help clients.

When they arrived I was hoping they could stay for a week so we could celebrate Good Friday and maybe Easter together.  They have too many cities to fit in this year and had to move on before then.  But then I remember that two days ago on Monday night was the start of Passover, and we usually celebrate in our own Christian way.  It was their first Passover, and they had an amazing time!  Moses came over for Passover too, and his meeting them was extra special.  Moses also came to the Homeless Church service, and Francisco was there, and Lorie and Rachel of course.

I think their favorite part was experiencing The Gubbio Project at Saint Boniface church in the Tenderloin.  This is where the homeless can sleep in peace on the un-used pews in church.  Many homeless have difficulty get decent healthy sleep for all sorts of reasons, and even those in shelters get kicked out as early as 5:30 AM!  Together with the Sleep Lie laws and anti-"camping"/public sleeping laws, there's very few places people can go to sleep without being bothered.  So the Gubbio Project is obviously as very humane and saintly project, and that was obvious to Sammie the first two seconds she walked in.  She could feel the presence of God there, and who could deny that?  There were so many things there that must please God, He surely must have blessed it in some way, and those participating and running the project too.  The whole church just oozed positive Christian energy.

Anyway, having them with us was a welcoming break from all the crazy distractions this year, and a reminder of how randomly awesome and purposeful our lives can be.
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God's Timing, Big Reach

Lorie sent me an e-mail from a religious discussion group she gets e-mail from.  It contained an anonymous mini-sermon that rang very true in my recent experience:

If God has called you to be really like Jesus He will draw you into a life of crucifixion and humility, and put upon you such demands of obedience, that you will not be able to follow other people, or measure yourself by other Christians, and in many ways He will seem to let other people do things which He will not let you do.

Other Christians and ministers who seem very religious and useful, may push themselves, pull wires, and work schemes to carry out their plans, but you cannot do it, and if you attempt it, you will meet with such failure and rebuke from the Lord as to make you sorely penitent.

Others may boast of themselves, of their work, of their successes, of their writings, but the Holy Spirit will not allow you to do any such thing, and if you begin it, He will lead you into some deep mortification that will make you despise yourself and all your good works.

I have been trying very hard to work on revival and my other Christian dreams, and so much has been distracting me.  Lorie's dad passing has been the latest time consumption.  It fell right on the heels of our last distraction ending.  It's depressing in that I'm afraid to make plans for when this problem is over, which is probably in several months!  I can do small things on days that I manage to get some free time, but I can't make long-term plans.

When I was a teenager I remember saying to God, "Let me do such and such, it obviously needs to be done."  I truly thought God was there waiting for someone to fix things.  But now in my wisdom or cynicism I tend to think God isn't interested in fixing the world's problems.  Evil people and evil conditions exist for some kind of purpose.  If good people fixed the problem, then Life would lose some of its purpose?  That's an old philosophical argument "Does God use evil for his Purpose" and the answer is usually "No."

There's also the micro and macro versions.  Fighting the Nazis, fighting slavery, fighting the constant movement towards modern slavery and loss of freedoms.  These have been fought and victories have been won, so it can be done.  I'm saying it's not done as easily as we would think.  And we can't volunteer and solve problems assuming God's just waiting for a volunteer.

There's a greater Master Plan involved, where God's timing and God's chosen instruments are critical to any progress.  What can we do if we aren't the ones?  I like the "Link in the Chain" attitude where even if we don't directly perform some great good or end some horrible evil, then whoever does do it depends on the efforts and work of those before them.  Steps on a ladder, links in a chain.  We focus on the final step or last link, but the ones in the middle are important too.

Then there's the attitude that maybe we can do it, but need some great effort that we haven't been willing to do, or haven't even dreamed of doing?  Maybe we can be the last link or step, but only if we reach high?  The last step isn't just a step, maybe it's a step and a big reach?
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More Updates! Back from Israel!

Hi everyone!  It's been a busy 5 or 6 weeks since my last post.  The big news is Lorie, Rachel and I went to Israel in late January.  It was a spur of the moment trip because of the death of the family member (it was Lorie's dad, he was 91).  Also, that personal business was very stressful and irritating, so the two events on top of each other, plus some other minor things that Life through in the mix for more testing, it all required a "rejuvenation".

Lorie hadn't been to Israel before and was on her list of places to go "if ever we had the opportunity and reason" and this was just that!  I had been before in 1995 and 1997.  We didn't take a organized tour, we stayed in a nice hotel in Jerusalem and then walked around the Old City and just did things without much planning.  It was fun!  We got to see a lot of the major attractions without the tour based on my knowledge of what the tours do, so we did it on our own.  Later we rented a car and drove the Galilee and stayed a couple nights in Tiberias and did a lot of sites and attractions up there.  Lorie loved the Sea of Galilee.  She really wanted to swim in it, but there were signs everywhere saying "No Swimming" so she waded into it, and we got some amazing pictures of that!  Other highlights: the Garden Tomb, Mount of Beatitudes, floating in the Dead Sea, walking around the Old City of Jerusalem many times--a few times at night and stopping in at Holy Bagel Rachel's favorite food in Israel.  The Wailing Wall was great obviously.  We got to pray there about three times, making sure we covered all the stuff going on in our lives and our friend's and families' lives.  The prayer response I often felt was "Leave it in God's Hands, He knows what He's doing!"  As far as justice and healing and blessings in prayers, the same response "God is better at dealing with those requests.  Simmer down and let God handle it!"  So again very rejuvenating when Life becomes overwhelming and you lose some faith that God isn't in control.  Of course God is in control, it just seems He isn't because His timeline for action is different than our timeline.  But if you can come to grips with that, then you can live your life free of worry and focus on the more important things!

Speaking of which, I've got about 10 things on my To Do list having to do with re-booting the ministry before the movie comes out.  Moses is still doing great!  Fran completed his Camino in Spain with his father!  He walked from France to St James all during January, starting December 31 and ending around January 30.

It's a pain to put lots of pictures on the blog.  I have some on my Facebook account, so check that out if you want to see some.  Otherwise I'll try to upload a few here in the next week or so.

Lots and lots of other stuff going on, in my life and the news, just don't have time to write about it now.  Hopefully I can focus more on writing now that things are simmering down.  God bless!
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2013 Updates, Year of the Comets!

Happy New Year!  I've been too busy to post anything worthwhile, so here are some quick updates:

* Someone in my family is seriously ill and that has been the latest "Must Do".  I said before how Life is filled with all these Want To Do's, and then you have to take care of the Must Do's.

* Some great news: SF Revival had an important fundraiser and we were able to raise enough to permanently establish our 501(c)(3) status!  We were previously on a 5 year probationary status which all new charities have to go through, and then after 5 years you're evaluated to see the variety of support you received.  And I'm pleased to say we passed the threshold for charity status!  That's a major worry off my plate.

* Moses continues to do great!  Rachel and I spent a half-day with him just after New Years and went out to breakfast and walked around town and drank Mexican Cokes from bottles even though it was 45 degrees outside.  It's become our favorite drink.  Moses is using his post-grad period to brush up on technology so we can jump into Street Angels and all the client work and info exchange we're going to have to do to help our future clients.  I don't know if I told this story before, but I've known several chronically homeless people, who were also heavily addicted, who after rehabilitating were able to learn new technologies faster than non-homeless people?  Meaning, while they were homeless for 10 or 15 years and missing out on the tech saturation and learning that others had access to, and then they started using tech gadgets and computers, they were able to learn very fast.  Michael, for example, can build a computer from scratch, and has learned several extremely complex programs.  And he learned it in just a couple of years.  I'm not describing this phenomenon very well, but I've seen it happen and it's amazing.

* What else?  Oh, 2013 is going to be the Year of the Comets!  I'm very excited for it.  I even mentioned it in last year's New Years blog entry that next year (2013) will be fun because of the newly discovered Comet Panstarrs which was being predicted as a huge comet in March 2013.  But then, in mid-2012, another comet, Comet Ison, has been discovered that will be even bigger than Panstarrs!  Ison is suppose to be around November/December 2013.  If I was into apocalyptic prophesy, I would be having a field day, and I'm pretty sure people are already taking advantage of this very rare occurrence to hype up apocalyptic thinking.  (Now this is a special piece of info for my blog readers:  When you read about this and the doomsday hysteria, don't think about "Will the comet(s) hit Earth?" because they won't, directly.  The REAL question is:  "Will either comet break up or explode?" And then what happens to the pieces?  I read something that might have been just a rumor that Earth is going to pass through Ison's trail a couple of months after Ison swings around the Sun (which is the most likely time for it to break up).  Ison is going to pass within a couple million miles of the sun (a sungrazer), and it's a first time visitor from the Oort Cloud, meaning it's full of combustible elements (not just ice) and therefore unstable when it heats up.  These first-time comets have been known to break apart during their first passage, and comet debris may become periodic meteor showers, or even separate comets with different periods of return.  So in summary, look out for the pieces, not the whole comet!  But seriously, it's going to be a fun event to see two major comets in one year, and then waiting on pins and needles to see if they do break up!  (Signs in the Sky?...)

Christian View on Mayan Doomsday Stuff

I read a funny comment to a news story yesterday.  The commenter was mad at something that happened in the news and wrote “I want off this planet!”  But then someone replied to them “Can’t you wait until tomorrow like everyone else?!”

Well today is the day!  December 21, 2012.  First day of winter.  End of the 5,000 year 12th bakkun (?) in the Mayan calendar.  Start of the 13th bakkun, whatever that means.  Some people think it means disaster.  Some people think it means New Age.

What do Christians think?  Well, it’s 2,016 years after the birth of Jesus, but 1,982 years after the death and resurrection?  Not very round numbers to celebrate or worry over.  I did a blog recently with “interesting Christian milestones” to look for in the future, and 2019 and 2027 figured prominently.  You see, years before Christians need to worry.  But there’s always the “tribulation” period that precedes the milestone, and that could be 3 ½ years or 7 years or longer if you expect “birth pains” before the real action starts.

I’ve repeated this many times on this blog over the years:  If you’re going to worry about stuff, worry about your lost opportunities to do good deeds!  Worry about what you’re doing or not doing today or tomorrow to make the world a better place.  Worry about living an authentic Christian life. Worry about your lost opportunities to pray and know God, and let God's Spirit guide you in a new birth of spiritual identity.  Jesus could be your new best buddy, your future Judge who has already forgiven you, and showing you the true meaning of Life.  Instead many in the world choose the distractions of the world, which always always lose their flavor, until people face their eventual mortality and realize more time should have been spent worrying about the eternal stuff and not so much the money stuff.  Eternal stuff lasts even after you die.  Your money gets divided among people who will probably waste it and probably not give you any credit when they do!

I bumped into some retired people recently that I know.  These people had important positions where they laid low and didn’t do much to help people around them.  They flew under the radar, smiled, made peace with wicked people instead of challenging them, and then retired and left the problem for others to worry about.  And now in their retirement they get to eat at the local buffet and talk about old times.  What a stinking lousy way to grow old! 

I dream of the day when I might retire and take it easy.  I even have some health excuses where I’m expected to do that.  But no matter what, life should be about character, whether you’re getting paid or not, working 9 to 5 or not, whether you’re employed or not, or retired or not.  You need to go to sleep with a clear conscience ready to meet God and the Judgment with a smile on your face and expectant to receive the highest reward or whatever the best is the afterlife has to offer.  You don’t want to meet God and have cowardice in your past, or collaboration with suffering, or turning your head to injustice, or making money off of the sufferings of others.  I don’t know what Hell is exactly, but people with that kind of history don’t deserve Heaven.  They don’t get to “exist” with people who were courageous, or tried to help people, or valued people over money, or scorned retirement in order to maximize their influence to create good in the world.

Whatever your religious beliefs are, let’s hope you believe that there is an Order in the Universe.  And in that belief we know that a Power or God that could create everything we know also has a Plan for Life itself, especially the dramatic changes that all these apocalyptic minds are fearful of.  History teaches us what to expect in the future, and there will be suffering no matter what.  That doesn’t mean there will be solar flares or meteors or pole shifts.  Another way to look at it is to know that you as an individual might die tomorrow, or the next day, just from crossing the street or crashing on the freeway.  All this obsession over the “end of the world” type death is a denial of our own personal mortality!  That has always mystified me.  It’s easier for people to be scared of apocalyptic death but ignore their own personal mortality

As the Talmud says “Repent one day before your death!”  But how do you know when you will die?  All the more, spend your days in repentance so no matter when you die, it will be filled with spiritual readiness!

If this has been too wordy, let me paraphrase:  For Christians, stop worrying about the Mayan stuff!  Start worrying about being better Christians trying to help the world, starting with the poor, and those who lack justice, and those who are suffering and can be help by something on your part.  Examine your lives to see what you can be doing to take personal risk to help people.  Stop trying to protect yourselves in silly worldly ways, and behave as those your faith is in God, that He will protect you, and then He will be proud of your passion to do Good in His Eyes!  Then when your personal mortality is “due” you can face the future faithful in your relationship with God, repentant of your misdeeds, but certainly not guilty of living without passion or courage, trying to retire and live peacefully without helping others.  God forbid!

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I wanted to write a blog entry on 12-12-12, one because it’s a cool date, plus it was one month ago that I last posted an entry.

It’s been a busy month.  My personal business that absorbs much of my time is never-ending, and will continue into 2013.

SF Revival just had a fundraiser!  It was very rush -rush last-minute thrown together, but about 40 people got together at The Bask in San Francisco, a Spanish tapas restaurant with flamenco dancing, just not on the night on our fundraiser.  We’re in a push to raise a couple thousand dollars before the year-end to prepare for our big ideas and goals for Street Angels when the Moses movies comes out.  We’re really going to make an effort to get the public more interested in helping the homeless directly and cooperatively, which is of course the model of Street Angels.  If you want to donate, please see the link on the bottom of this and ever blog entry “DONATE” and the Happy Face. 

Moses came to the event!  We sort of promoted the event as a Meet Moses oppportunity.  He gave a great speech about how the world is filled with forgotten people who need support from the public, the same way Moses and I met.  His rehab house is filled with people who are likely going to relapse if only they had someone encouraging them to get better.  We need to be more responsible as a society to make sure our charity includes time spent with people who have fallen on hard times and need personal connection.

Whenever we have these events, it always amazes me who shows up and who doesn’t, and who donates and who doesn’t.  You’ll never know that feeling unless you get involved in fundraising, but it tests your perceptions of who your friends are, and then on the flip side surprises you at who your secret friends are.  Now, obviously there are good friends who couldn’t come or for whatever reason have an OK reason for not donating, and they still are friends, but seriously, I donate to every friend who asks to support their cause, even if it’s $25.  Or $10 if they ask a lot for different causes.  It’s so depressing when people ignore your cause, and you really need the money!  The IRS doesn’t allow people to donate excessive amounts to the same cause because it ruins your “public support,” meaning I can’t write my agency a check for $1,000 if we fall short.  You have to have donations from lots of people in small amounts, so don’t ignore your friends when they ask!

What else?  We’re big fans of The Amazing Race, and I was so happy when the Beakmans (is that Beakmen?) won!  They were underdogs from the very begining of the Race, and they almost got eliminated several times, but came back.  They were also unique in that they were a married male gay couple.  They were also former New York professionals (I forget which field) and decided to become goat farmers!   I absolutely love that!  I read similar stories in the online news more and more often in this Depression era, where some couple or person gets laid off or disenchanted with their city job, and they discover some hidden talent they had for farming or making wine or doing something with organic materials and selling it.  Anyway, I’ve watched around 12 of the 23 or so Races, and there have been only a few where the underdog won in such unexpected entertaining fashion, and it was great to see it this time!

What else?  Lorie and I saw “Life of Pi” the other day.  I was unfamiliar with the movie except for the tiger part which I saw in the trailer.  The movie had a great religious/philosophical message to it.  Without spoiling it, the movie ends with two ways of looking at the story: either believe the crazy unbelievable but true version; or make up some believable false version.  This was an analogy, I think, for religion competing with other world views, like the scientific method.  The SM is more believable, but the crazy religious story is actually true.  That was my “take away” from the film.

Oh, I finally bought an iPhone.  I’m a major Mac person, ever since 1986.  But I could never bring myself to spending that much money on the phone and data plan.  I own an iPod Touch which has all the aps, and having a basic phone plus that helped in 99% of my daily needs.  But I got really mad at my phone company, and my 2 year contract was expired for over a year, so I was free to do something, and after a lot of research I found a plan where you just buy the iPhone, and then for $40 a month you get pretty much unlimited everything.  And no contract, and no fees!  It would have been closer to $80 or $100 a month for another plan, but they sell you the iPhone for a discount.  Big whoop.  So I’m only half-guilty for caving into this.  Now I’m trying to see how I can justify it, and it’s already inspiring me to re-work to be more iPhone friendly so people can have that true power of on-the-spot on-demand resource research.  I also have to get more familiar with these QR codes which some of my non-profit partners want to use in connecting our future Street Angels.  The iPhone or other smart phone is a necessity when scanning these codes to look up web pages to connect while the person (or product usually) is in your face vying for your web attention.  I’ve also been playing a lot of Cribbage on my iPhone.  I’ve beaten Expert mode 36 out of 50 times, and skunked it 4 times, and I haven’t been skunked yet.  I love the quick and easy math you have to do in Cribbage.  Before I would listen to the same music over and over on my iPod, now I’m playing Cribbage.  I have to stop that, and listen to sermons or download iTunes university or something more enlightening. 

There have been a bunch of news stories I should have posted in the past month but didn’t.  There’s been a lot of encouraging news.  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, my religious views are NOT apocalyptic.  Christians need to be helping the world become a better place, not obsessing over end of the world stuff.  Maybe my next blog entry will be on December 21, 2012?

Moses the Movie

Another Moses Update

I'm still super busy with my personal business.  This will be over soon, and then back to the Revival, and wiki, and my gay theology defense book, and the Moses movie, and half a dozen other things.  It's amazing how busy you can be, and then some crazy emergency happens, and then all the stuff you were busy with gets put on hold somehow?  Does that mean it wasn't really busy-worthy?  No, it means there are Must Do's, and Want To Do's.  I had some really great Want To Do's on my plate, and now I'm dealing with Must Do's.

I was under a lot of stress, and I assumed it was my Must Do's, and the Election happened, and then I felt better!  I won't say what my politics were, I'm not that political anyway, but I was relieved, and I felt like I got some extra steam the day after.

I've been seeing Moses every other weekend, and I saw him yesterday.  He likes to go to Palo Alto and walk around University Avenue and the Stanford campus.  They relocated the Apple store there to a bigger, nicer store across the street from the old location.  It was like being inside a church.  They have clear ceilings and so you can see the sky, but filtered so you can still view the computer screens everywhere.  Moses absolutely loves his ipod mini, the previous generation which was small and square with a screen so you can wear it as a watch.  He has his favorite things on there like jazz, Bible, sermons, modern music, Beatles, plus pictures of places he's been to, like Spain and Filoli.  Moses called the Apple store "an adult candy store."  We walked on the campus, and went inside the student union and bookstore.  We had Mexican Cokes that we bought in town and kept drinking while walking on campus.

Moses' personal health and attitude are excellent!  Everyone in the program knows how hard these addiction battles are, and it's very common to go through the program twice.  In fact Moses going through will just add more educational value to the film.  Speaking of films, Fran the director is bouncing around the world attending film festivals in between finalizing the Moses movie.  I've been warned that next year, depending on the success of the film, we may "need" to attend these festivals too.  It's a good "need" because this film is meant to educate people about the hidden truths about homeless lives.  And we're going to be promoting the Street Angel ideas for how the public can become more involved in helping.  So all this is around the corner, very positive uplifting good-to-be-alive stuff, and in the meantime we've got this other business to take care of.

p.s. Happy Anniversary!  luv moi
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Another Quick Update

Again, I'm sorry for the lack of posting.  This is a very busy time for me, and hopefully I'll be able to post something interesting on a regular basis in a month or two.

Moses continues to do well!  He came to visit last week, and he is continuing to grow and expand his strength and wisdom, and he plans to return that growth by helping with the Street Angels in 2013.

Quick Updates

It's been a couple of weeks since my last post.  I had a complaint phone call form a close friend wondering if I was dying and that's why so few posts.  I'm not aware of any poor health (poorer than normal), but the lack of posting is due to busy-ness and having too much to blog about.

In the meantime: Moses graduated from rehab and was clean for around 95 days.  Moses has been on permanent disability for multiple reasons, but one is severe and constant back pain he has from falling off a ladder while painting over 10 years ago.  He takes heavy pain medicine for this, as needed.  When he walks a lot he tends to need it.  When Moses began to explore his post grad world, he went to his pain doctor to get back on his pain medicine.  Moses was forced to take Advil-type pain meds during his rehab, and it caused him to be in constant discomfort, often tempting him to leave.  So, on Day 96 or so, Moses gets his new prescription which is the old level of prescription he used prior to rehab meaning "physically used to high levels" and then takes the pills and goes from Clean to Wasted in an hour.  Unfortunately none of his friends was nearby, and he was near a bad neighborhood.  So Moses began drinking too, and when he went back to his transitional housing, they knew right away what happened and kicked him out.  Moses spent several more days in denial, plus he says the pain med messed up his mental faculty to where he didn't know who he was or where he was.  After 5 days he finally called me and Fran to come help him.  We found him living under a freeway, half his stuff stolen, broke, and unclear on the details of what happened.  Fran and I decided to accept Moses' belief that the the pain medicine after being clean for so long led to the relapse.  The drinking and denial and long time it took to come to us is we think the result of just not having an air-tight support network of rehab mentors helping you 24/7.  Plus, Moses should never have been near the neighborhoods where his bad behavior gets triggered.  Moses moved into a North Beach hotel to clean up and go back into the rehab.  That wait ended Tuesday, and he's there now.  I have to say Moses is stronger and more committed than ever.  He never lowered his guard when it came to Moses taking care of himself, maybe he showed 90% of his personal side during the intense 90 day counseling sessions.  But we made it clear to everyone that Moses has a few more inner-demons to deal with, and with the other good practices, he will eventually become a clean Superhero helping others and far from danger of any relapse.  Pray for Moses with me, that he may receive the enduring and lasting healing that comes from God and miracles, saving the hopeless, providing hope for the hopeless, and courage through God and the many others who have personally experienced the exact same things, and with God's help, overcame them, and now they instruct new people and relapse former patients in how to finally win that personal war.  I've talked with the rehab people many times, and I am 100% confident that these mentors and supervisors are focused and professional and care only to help Moses and others with time-tested methods of counseling and training.  They can do it.  Moses will make it!

Lorie and I had lunch with Johnny my "real" hobo friend today.  Johnny's looking a little more sick, and his memory is not as sharp as usual, and his hope and happiness in SF is down a bit.  I'd been hoping to start writing down or recording his hobo stories of riding the trains as a real hobo for decades from the 60s to 90s and some 2000's.  Johnny has unique perspectives on the business culture verses the unique individuals he met along the way, non-hobos especially who were hospitable and let him stay with them.  And Johnny played his jazz guitar and sang songs ala Woody Guthrie wherever he went.  Shalom Johnny!  Feel better.

And big news!  Rosh Hashanah was 12 days ago, and Yom Kippur just ended last night.  This is a tradition for me to acknowledge it on the blog and reveal what religious movies we watched for our observance.  One note:  For the first time in 15 years my YK was interrupted in a major way: I had to help Moses move into his new rehab situation.  But the night before, and afternoon I came back, we were able to watch: Moses (with Ben Kingsley), Lonnie Frisbee documentary, Defending Your Life (beginning only), King David, Thief in the Night (the scary 1970s classic rapture horror film).  I think this is the first time we watched Lonnie on Yom Kippur.  I was moved by the many ways the many different Christians who knew him and liked him and respected him and then disowned him, and for what reasons.  And there were a couple of pastors who knew Lonnie, and they explained it so well it's what I hope I could have said if I had the faith.  It's nice to think there are churches out there with inspiration and feelings similar to your own where they know the Bible and feel it's trying to get Humanity to grow, not see how good we are at following rules for rules' sake.  There are some respectful ways of modifying the churches' importance of some of the rules in favor of love and inclusion, but still, STILL, keep the critical core of what it is to be a True Follower of Jesus Christ.